FeePay Transition Reports

To assist in transition and district record keeping, the following reports are currently available in the FeePay Admin site. The FeePay Admin application will be maintained for data extracts through October 1, 2020.

 Please contact FeePay support with any questions or additional needs regarding your transition.


Consider school rights as reports are pulled.

FeePay Admin can check a user’s school rights from the System > Users page. Search the Admin user, click the edit button. Scroll down to find the list of schools which the user has rights to.  If any changes are needed, be sure to click save.




 Student-related data

All student data is best accessed via your Student Information System (SIS)

Physical dates file is available by request.  This report will likely only be useful for districts who entered this date in FeePay.   If FeePay sourced this data from your SIS, this export will not be needed.  Please send an email with your request to support@feepay.com


  1. Reports > Fees/Activities > Fee & Activity Reports > Student Fees Report
    1. This report will provide paid and unpaid fees for each student.
    2. Fees are not dependent upon school year, so it is not a data field in this report.
  2. Set filters:
    1. Fee Status = All
    2. Payment Channel = All
    3. Fees Report = Excel






List of configured activities

This report provides all information related to the set up of your Activities.Dashboard > Activities

  1. Filter on All Years
  2. All Enrollments
  3. Click Search
  4. Download importable CSV




 Activity enrollment report

This report provides the name of the activity with enrolled students by school year which includes enrollment date, amount paid, student Information, payment information, and account code.

  1. Reports > Fees & Activities Reports > Activity Enrollment Report
    1. Select Date Type of School Year > School Year > [All Years]
      1. This report must be run for each year.
        (Although the option for All Years is there, that will result in an error.)
    2. This report, depending on the amount of data, can take some time to complete.




Since each activity form is custom, forms data must be pulled by Individual activity.

  1. Find your activity and click on the roster icon next to it.
    1. Click on download.
    2. Activity form responses report will download and include all form fields.



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