FeePay Customer Migration Guide

This document is available for download.  See link at bottom of article.


 We value your partnership to coordinate a seamless and successful transition to a new payment system as FeePay winds down operations. The goal of the FeePay Migration Guide is to assist FeePay administrators in planning transition activities and communications with users, both internal and external.

We understand and appreciate the team effort needed to affect change within schools and encourage you to share this document with colleagues in finance, activities, food service, technology, operations, and administration where you see fit.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a valuable technology collaborator for your district operations. We are here to help throughout this process.

Please connect with us for additional help and support.  


 Recommended district activities

We look forward to partnering in this transition. The following checklist offers assistance to assign and organize your team around the tasks for a successful transition. Our Sourcewell Technology team is working alongside you to complete the tasks noted in gray italicized text.  This document is available for download as needed, scroll down for link.


April 30 – June 15, 2020

Start the transition process by selecting a new provider and communicating with colleagues about upcoming activities and assignments to assist in migrating data and setting the new system up for success.

 Assigned to:

__________   Select replacement system for FeePay. An April email offers a number of alternative payment  systems districts are evaluating for use. Sourcewell also released a Request for Proposals for payment systems and will evaluate and complete the award process by June 1, 2020. The awarded contract(s) will be announced for use shortly after the evaluation and communication to proposers.

☐ Sourcewell Turn off autopay for families and users. During this time, Sourcewell Technology will take steps to turn off autopay within the system.


July 1, 2020

Start migrating data and running reports to assist in records retention and set up of the new payment system.

☐ __________ Migrate FeePay data to new payment system (student records, physical dates, etc.).

☐ __________ Download all fees for users (library book, football equipment, etc.).

☐ __________ Download all active/open holds, violations, activities categories, and awards.

☐ __________ Download student health physical data.

☐ __________ Pull all revenue codes out of FeePay.

☐ __________ Download list of active Admin users with their permissions.


July 8, 2020

District attention should turn to setting up the new payment system for operation and communicating with parents on information availability and deadlines for accessing any needed information.

 ☐ __________ Download activities from previous year in FeePay and upload activities in new payment system.

☐ __________ Download forms/templates from FeePay Admin

☐ __________ Communicate with parents to download their information prior to August 6, 2020. CORRECTION:   August 3, 2020 is the correct date.  


 July 30, 2020

To eliminate confusion for families, audit where links to the FeePay system may exist on websites, social media, and other materials and make adjustments.

☐ __________ Update/remove FeePay links in district Content Management System (CMS).

☐ __________ Update/remove FeePay links in district content and materials.

☐ __________ Disable all Student Information System (SIS) exports.

Sourcewell Terminate payment processing. During this time, Sourcewell Technology will disable payment processing and all other jobs with the exception of Settlement, Mass Compare, and ERP Export.


August 3, 2020

Parent access to the system will be terminated and final refunds determined.

☐ __________ Disable all Windows scheduled tasks on district servers.

☐ __________ Refund any remaining balances to parents.

Sourcewell Terminate parent access. During this time, Sourcewell Technology will turn off parent access   within the system.

 August 5, 2020 - This step is no longer needed.  FeePay was able to negotiate the ability for Admin to keep their existing passwords.

Existing FeePay Admin passwords will be cleared and admin users must reset passwords. 

Sourcewell Clear existing Admin passwords

☐ __________ All FeePay Administrators must reset password

August 15, 2020

It is important districts have the necessary time between termination of parent access and termination of refunds to evaluate and process any final refunds.

Sourcewell Terminate refund activity. On this date, Sourcewell Technology will disable the ability to  process refunds in Admin.


September 1, 2020

A number of Admin functions will be disabled in preparation for final end date.

Sourcewell Terminate use of Settlement, Mass Compare, ERP Export, File Transfer, and related accounts. During this time, Sourcewell Technology will disable these activities within the system.


September 2, 2020

Download and archive for any remaining data needs.

☐ __________ Download roster information and form submission for all years.

☐ __________ Perform bank reconciliation after all bank transactions have settled.

☐ __________ Archive FeePay data (roster information, financial -including last seven years of financial transactions, etc.).


October 1, 2020

All FeePay access and services will be turned off.

☐  Sourcewell Terminate access to FeePay. During this time, Sourcewell Technology will disable Admin access.


 ** Please connect with our team if you are unable to comply with a deadline. Alternative dates and accommodations will be assessed additional fees.

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