Using the Mass Refund by Activity Function

FeePay Admin > Activities

Select  filters and click Search for a list of Activities.

In the Actions Column, click the red Dollar Sign


On the next screen please note the check boxes, add a reason for the refund if desired.  Set an Override Amount to refund all items at a set amount.  Take a look at the planned refunds list and click Submit.


Important note:  Once the page has been submitted, no other tasks may be done in FeePay Admin. Please note the flashing alert telling you to stay on that page.  

As the refunds complete, a refund status will display for each transaction. This process will only refund ACH and credit card transactions.  Cash and check refunds will need to be done manually.


Once all Refunds have a status, you are done!  Any enrollments remaining in the activity are likely cash or check transactions.  

Thank you!

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