Adding a New Student - Step by Step

Once logged into FeePay, from the Black toolbar, Click the drop down by your name and select “Your Account”


Now click “Add Student” 


Four fields are required to Add a Student Relationship

  1.  Last name
  2. Birth date
  3. School
  4. Identification number – This is the Student ID which is the unique identifier that your school district uses. Many parents have found this number by logging into the parent portal, on a report card, transcript or transportation card.

It is Optional to add the Relation type, but to do so, click on the down arrow and select the appropriate Relationship:


Next enter Last Name


Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY format)


Select the name of the school from the drop down:


 Add the Student Identification Number –  You can find this number by logging into the parent portal, report cards, transcripts or transportation cards.


Once complete, click he blue Verify and Save button.



If the system finds the matching data it will automatically add the student to your account and bring you back to Your Accounts page.  

If the system cannot find a match to the entered data, you will get this message:


Click OK and double check that all information is accurate.  The system will not add a student until all data agrees with what is in the Student Information System. 

The most common solution to this is to check the student ID and re-enter. 

That is it.  You are all set! 


There are two versions available for download.  Adding a new relationship in FeePay is a one page document and Adding a new relationship in FeePay v2 is the step by step version.

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