Known Issues and Workarounds

Issue: Parents are not able to complete purchase of an Activity because the student email request form will not complete.  This affects any activity with the "Require Student Email" box checked (Dashboard > Activity > Edit > Advance Tab > Require Student Email). 

Workaround Please go to the affected activity, select Edit Icon, go to the Advance Tab and uncheck the "Require Student Email" box. Be sure to use the Save drop down and click Save.  

Issue: Users have reported a problem with variable rate activities. This would be in the case of a payment often a donation, where the parent can determine what they want to pay/contribute. The amount that is added reverts to  $0.01  

Workaround 1: Admin completes the checkout of variable rate activity when there is a custom item amount to be entered other than what is displayed by default on the activities page.
Workaround 2: Admin creates a price override of the variable rate activity in UserDetails. User logs in, and sees the custom price.

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