Creating a NEW Parent FeePay Account

Following are the steps parents should follow to create a new account directly with FeePay. Once this account is created, parents can next link their child(ren) to this account.

Creating a FeePay Account and Linking a Student:

  1. On a web browser, go to the FeePay link and click on one of the available choices, Meals or Activities. 
  2. Click on Sign-Up, then choose the desired method to access FeePay going forward using either your Facebook, Google, or create a new FeePay account. For the OR option below, be sure to enter your email address and a create a password, following the password requirements.


This will create your account and log you into the FeePay system. 


Click Manage Family Members/Relationships


  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit your name.
  2. Click the green Add Student button to add your students to the account and complete the form. 

mceclip4.png5. You must enter your Student’s  Last Name, Birth date, School, and Identification Number.  Then click the blue Verify and Save button to verify the information.  

If you receive this error message below, please verify the  Last Name, Birthdate, and Identification Number along with your student’s school to be sure everything matches what is in the Student Information System.  


  1. Once completed, you will see each child listed on the main page.

You are now ready to make purchases for the desired area by clicking on one of the icons in the upper-left corner, Meals and/or Activities.




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