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How do I log in to FeePay 

Go to your district FeePay login page. This is found on the school district or charter school website. While the contents shown may vary based on how your district or charter school uses FeePay, the login page for FeePay usually looks something like this:  


If you usually log in with your Google account or Facebook account, you are encouraged to continue using that information as usual. Do not try to reset the password from the FeePay login screen if you are logging in with Facebook or Google. If you have forgotten your Facebook or Google passwords, go to those applications and click on “Forgot Password” and follow the steps to set a new one. You can then return to FeePay and login with Facebook or Google.  

If you are logging in to a parent account with an email, we recommend you use the same email that is on file for you in the school district/charter school Student Information System (SIS). The log in screen looks like this: 


The new release of FeePay requires all account holders to change their password. If you have not changed your password since January 1, 2020 you will need to change it in order to get back in. If you have already changed your password, log in. If you need to change the password, click the “Don’t remember your password prompt” This will prompt the system to send you an email with a link to change your password. The system will send the email to the address you have associated with your FeePay Parent Account.  

For detailed instructions on changing passwords, click HERE.  

What can I try if logging in is not working?  

If after changing your password you are still not able to log in, try clearing the browser cache and close the browser. To do this, find the settings for your browser and go to the setting indicating “Clear browsing cache and history.” Sometimes browser memories will store passwords and entering a new one will not work. The example for clearing browser data in Google Chrome is shown below: Screen_Shot_of_Chrome_Browser_Cache_Clearing.jpgIf clearing the browsing history and cache does not work, try a different browser and go to the FeePay login page and try logging in. 

You can also try the Sign-Up tab on the FeePay login page. Use the email that is also associated with you in the district Student Information System (SIS). This will create a new Parent Account for you in system authentication, which verifies who you are when signing in.   

How do I connect my children to my Parent Account? 

  1. Login to your Parent Account at FeePay.  
  2. Click on your name in the upper right corner.  
  3. Click on Account.

This will open a screen that has the option to “Add a Relationship.”  FeePay_Relationship_Screenshot_.jpg

Users have reported problems trying to attach students (adding relationships) to their Parent Accounts. Sourcewell Technology has made improvements to the screens for to make the process more user friendly. The instructions for this process have been updated and are available here. 

There are four pieces of information you need to connect your child to your Parent Account. These are: 

  • Student First Name/Last Name 
  • Student Date of Birth  
  • Name of School (drop down)  
  • Student ID number. 

Be SURE to click the red “Verify” button before leaving the screen. 

Please remember: 

The information entered on the student must be exactly the same as that in the student record in the district student information system.  

Detailed instructions on setting up relationships for your children to your account can be found HERE.  

Use this feature to reconnect students to your parent account. Do not create Guest Accounts for your children.  

 What are Guest Accounts and how are they used?  

Guest Accounts are intended to be used by other individuals who may wish to pay for Meals or activities on behalf of specific students.  More information on using Guest Accounts can be found HERE 

Who can I call for help?  

  1. Your first line of contact should be your school district business office or activities office contact for FeePay, or any other district person who has been designated to help parents with FeePay.
  2. If after you reach out to the school district, you still need help, you can contact the Sourcewell Technology Help Desk at 651-999-6100 or send a help request to support@feepay.com. We are experiencing a high volume of support requests as we work through the system issues, so we strongly encourage parents to try contacting the district first.  

Technology Leaders and FeePay Admins

How do I log in?  

If you have a FeePay Admin account, go to https://admin.feepay.comLogin with your username and password.  

You may also have a Parent Account in FeePay, so if you are trying to login as a parent, go to your district FeePay web page and login with your parent credentials. If that is not working, see the options listed above for parents in this article. 

What can I try if logging in is not working?  

If you are trying to login as a FeePay Admin and are not having success, you may need to reset your password. All Admin Accounts needed to have their passwords reset after the initial roll out of the upgrade in late December. 

If after resetting your password you still cannot login, contact us at support@feepay.com or call 651-999-6100.  

FeePay Admin Accounts become inactive after 90 days of inactivity, so if you do not frequently log in to FeePay, you may need to be reactivated. Another person with an Admin Account in your district can reactivate you or you can contact Sourcewell Technology support.  

Where does the data come from in FeePay 

The data that is loaded in FeePay comes from the district student information system.  

This article explains the data sources, relationships, and types of logins.  

What are the known issues with FeePay reactivation? 

 Simulation is not working properly.

The simulation function for FeePay Admin is experiencing frequent outages. The FeePay Admin can try to login using the “incognito” feature of their browser to try the simulation again. 

Sourcewell Technology is working on repair of this feature as top priority since it is recognized that districts need this feature to help parents with the system.

Refunds are not processing 

Please create a ticket which includes the transaction/reference number to be refunded, student's name, parent's name, and the amount of refund. Tickets can be submitted by sending the information to support@feepay.com or by calling 651-999-6100. Sourcewell Technology is working on this feature as the second priority to be resolved.

 Account data appears to be missing 

  • This may occur for users with duplicate/multiple accounts utilizing the same email address. The system chooses a single instance of the account and displays what is associated with it.  
  • The FeePay Admin can remedy this by searching for Users. From the resulting accounts where the emails are the same, click on the account missing the relationships and click “Add Relationship.”   A popup appears asking for the Name/ID, (you can find ID from the account which has the relationships). Select the correct student and click Add. The relationship has now been added.

 Single sign on with Synergy Districts(Synergy SSO) 

For districts who use the single sign on feature with the Synergy Student System, this ability is currently unavailable. Sourcewell Technology developers are working on a solution.

 Credit card payment errors 

Users have found success using either Safari or Firefox to complete their transactions with credit cards. 

Some activity forms are not functioning

There is an issue with forms when a student email is a required field. The user receives an error and the Activity purchase does not complete. Form responses that contain an @ are not being read properly and are interfering with checkout. Districts can collect student emails by using the Activities > Advanced Tab > “Require Student Email” feature.  

First Name Last Name Error 

Districts have reported an issue with some Parent Accounts. The first time a login account is authenticated, the system is creating a new account instead of linking to an existing one. The system is also overwriting the actual name of the person and displaying First Name Last Name as the text for the name. We are fixing the authentication code so that the authentication will look for and select an existing account (if there is one) instead of creating a new one.  In the meantime, if the user experiences this situation, they are able to change the name in the profile. 


Pricing on activities is set to full regardless of fee split. 

Districts have reported that activities are showing the full price of an activity regardless of whether the fee should be reduced or free in a fee split. For example, the image below shows how an activity normally might display a range of fees: 


The issue we are seeing in FeePay is that for activities that were active since the upgrade (December 29, 2019 - January 16, 2020), the fee splits are being overridden to the full price. Sourcewell Technology has fixed this.  We recommend the following to deal with any errors in payments that were processed. 

  • Activity costs for the full, reduced, and free should be reviewed for activities open for enrollment between December 29 at 2:00 a.m. and January 16 at 8:30 p.m.
  • Activity enrollments during this period may have been charged an inaccurate amount. 
  • If a student’s paid amount on the enrollment is above the expected payment, a refund may be requested by submitting a support request to support@feepay.com. Please include a transaction number, date, name of parent, name of student and amount of the refund. 

    FeePay Admins can quickly review activities fees with the following process: 

    1. Search for activities open for enrollment in the FeePay Admin
    2. Click on the ‘Downloadable Importable CSV’ button
    3. Review the Full, Reduced, and Free prices for accuracy
    4. If any activity prices are found to be in error, make the corrections by editing the activity in the FeePay Admin

Parents are reporting getting an error when they make a payment and are expecting to see the receipt. What do we do? 

Sourcewell Technology is aware of this situation and are fixing it. In the meantime, if a parent receives this error, we suggest using the back button on the browser and transmitting again. The account will not be charged again. If it doesn't work the second time, try it a third time. We are finding the transaction does go through after a few tries. Some users do not experience an error and their transaction goes through successfully the first time. Users can also try clearing their cache and going to a new browser and trying again. 

A parent logged in and can't see their children in their account or are having trouble finding their account. How can we help them? 

This scenario can occur when a parent has multiple accounts and may be looking at one where they have not reattached their children. The natural place to start is to search for an account using first and last name. This will show the email attached to that account. 

The FeePay Admin can also search by email. This will show you all the accounts attached to that email and you will see the duplicates. 

You can also try searching with the Student ID. This will show you all the accounts that the student has been assigned a relationship. 

What do I tell parents about getting into FeePay? 

There are a variety of messaging documents you can use in the FeePay Support Portal. Sourcewell Technology recommends posting or sending the instruction sheets on logging in and establishing relationships between students and parent accounts. 

Who can I call?

Call the Sourcewell Technology Help Desk at 651-999-6100 or email your issue to support@feepay.com.






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