Creating SSO from ParentVUE to FeePay

1. From the PAD Tree, go to System and then to ParentVUE.
2. From the ParentVUE menu, choose ParentVUE and StudentVUE Configuration.

3. On the ParentVUE and StudentVUE Configuration screen, scroll down to User Defined Modules. Click +Add.
NOTE: If you have an existing module, such as “Additional Links,” that you would like to add FeePay to, you may click the line number to choose that link and skip ahead to step #7.

4. In the green fields that appear, enter the order number and a name for this module, such as "FeePay" or "FeePay Login". Check the box in the column labeled “Active for Parents.” Students are unable to login to their FeePay accounts currently, so uncheck the box marked "Active for Students".

5. Click Save.
6. Click Show Detail, in the upper right-hand corner. If necessary, navigate to the custom module you just created from the left-hand sidebar.

7. Click the +Add button you see just above “Active for Students.” This is where you will further define this new module.

8. Once again, enter the Order Number, Display Text (such as FeePay Login) and enter the URL below. Replace the {district-key} with your district identifier (this is a GUID).<SAT>/{district-key}

9. Click Save.

In ParentVUE...

Once the above is set up, parents will login to ParentVUE and look for FeePay or FeePay Login in the navigation menu (unless you added this link to an existing tab in your navigation menu).
Direct them to click on FeePay. Doing that will cause a link also called FeePay Login to show up under the student name. Clicking on the link will open the FeePay Frontend in a new window.

Learn more about linking ParentVUE accounts to FeePay accounts

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