Managing Account Codes


Account codes in FeePay can be managed manually in the Admin (  Note: If FeePay is connected to the TIES Finance 


How does it work?

District staff with the appropriate permissions will be able to manage the account codes used by Fees and Activities.  Once an account code is added and is active, it will appear in the available options when creating Fee Splits for fees and activities.  Account Codes cannot be deleted from FeePay after they have been added.

Account Code Name: This field is used as a friendly display to users.  If using a similar code, but for different locations, it's best to name the codes accordingly (i.e. "General Fund - MHS" instead of "General Fund").  This way users creating fees/activities will not see several account code names that all appear identical.

Account Code:  This field is used for the revenue code generated by the finance software.  Please be sure to enter the full code.  If there are questions about how FeePay interacts with 3rd party finance software and what the best way is to enter revenue codes please contact support (

Customer Code:  This field is used for internal district purposes.  The Customer Codes are displayed on the Account Code report in the FeePay Admin.




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