Linking ParentVue to FeePay


Upon first log on from ParentVUE to FeePay, account verification is required to link the two systems.   From ParentVUE, parent clicks FeePay Login.  The verification solution requests the Email address associated with the FeePay account.

Two Common Issues: FeePay account does not exist, or FeePay account does exist without an email address.  In either case, the user will be unable to link accounts. This document describes how to proceed.

Issue 1: Parent IS NOT yet a registered FeePay user: 

  • The Family will need to create an account here, https://<SHORTNAME> before continuing with the ParentVUE to FeePay account verification.  If you don't know your district shortname, please contact
  • https://<SHORTNAME> page under General Questions describes in detail "Setting up a FeePay Account".


Issue 2: Parent IS a registered FeePay user but is missing email  (These FeePay accounts were created by the previous SIS integration and were accessible via SchoolView portal without an email address.) 

  • FeePayAdmin user can add an email to the user's account in the User Details screen.




  • FeePayAdmin user could (optionally, if user doesn't create a new FeePay account) find the existing user, simulate, attach an email to the user, and finally (important) choose Meal or Activity button before notifying the user to proceed with the ParentVue FeePay SSO email verification.

Learn about Creating SSO from ParentVUE to FeePay 

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