User Permissions for Meals/Fees/Activities

Users of the FeePay Administrative system may have multiple user permissions.  For example, a Fee Manager may also be listed as a Forms Administrator in order to create and edit forms.  An Administrator to the system might also be given Economic Indicator Administrator permissions if that is a necessity in their role.

Click here for directions on modifying User Permissions and create new users

Click here for directions on pulling a list of all administrative users by permission

User Permissions are described below

Allows access to all screens within the FeePay Admin system with the exception of:

  • No access to recurring payments
  • No access to view Economic Indicator for individual users
  • No access to simulate a user (such as a parent)
  • No access to issue a refund

Economic Indicator Administrator
Allows access to view Economic Indicator Status for individual users.  Otherwise, this status is hidden from all user types.

Fee Manager
Allows access to create and view Activities and Fees with a few exceptions:

  • No access to create/edit Resources (used within Activities)
  • No access to system payment reports
  • No access to create/edit Forms (used within Activities)
  • No access to Violation Reports
  • No ability to upload activities, fees, physical dates, holds, awards or violations
  • No access to view system administrative users

Food Service Manager
Only allows access to the following:

  • Fee & Activity and raw data download reports
  • Pending balances
  • Email alerts
  • History logs including email notifications history, district content changes and general errors log
  • Cafeteria account descriptions

Forms Administrator
Allows access to view, create and modify Forms (used within Activities).

Refund Administrator
Allows for the ability to issue refunds (credit card & ACH) on payments made through the system.

Roster View
Allows for the ability to view rosters and form responses for Activities.  This permission level is often given to a coach who may need to access information collected on an electronic form during the registration process.

Simulate Permission
Allows the ability to simulate a user (such as a parent).

User Administrator
Allows the ability to modify user permissions for other administrative users.

Read Only
Allows users to look up user enrollment and payment information with no access to modify or create enrollments.





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