Creating A Hold On A Student

The Holds feature available for Administrators in FeePay Admin allows you to place a hold for future registrations for a specific student until the reason for the hold has been resolved. Some examples of valid reasons to place a hold could be for unpaid library fees, unpaid equipment fees, academic goals not met, etc. When a Hold has been placed on a student, it is easily identified by the red background in the user Account Detail Activities tab.

An Administrator still has the ability to register the student with an active hold from the Admin side, but the parent will not. When the parent logs in, they will see a message displayed next to the activity Account on hold. account_on_hold.png


Use the following steps to create a new Hold:

1. Use Users to locate the desired student.

2. Select the drop down arrow to the right of the student's name to open the student's profile.

3.  Select  .

 4. Type in a brief description of the reason for the Hold. Note: It can be helpful to include the name of the person that either requested the hold or created the hold in FeePay Admin for reference purposes. 

5. Select Add.

The Holds screen also allows the Administrator to view and edit any previous Holds for that student.



To remove a Hold:

1. Follow Steps 1, 2 and 3 above.

2. Active Holds will be displayed in Red. Select the drop-down on the far left to either Clear or Delete the desired hold.


4. Select Save Holds.


If necessary, an Administrator can set up specific Activities to ignore holds which will allow students with Holds to still register for those activities.



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