Creating A New Activity

A new activity should be created for each season an activity is offered (i.e. Fall Football 2014, Fall Football 2015, etc).  Before creating an activity, ensure the following items have been set up and are available to add to the activity as needed.

  • Forms:  Ensure any required Form that will be attached to the activity been updated or created. On the Public side, forms can only be printed before they are submitted and they cannot be accessed by the parent after they are submitted. The Form Responses can be viewed from the Admin side of the system.  Click here for information on Forms
  • Resources:  Ensure any Resources (additional informational links about the activity) that need to be attached to the activity have been created.  (Settings, Fees / Activities, Resources - appropriate access is required). From the Public side, Resources can be accessed after the enrollment is completed by going to Enrollment History for their account.
  • Categories:  Ensure Activity Categories have been created  (It is recommended the Categories are simply organized such as, Fall Athletics, Winter Athletics, Spring Athletics, Transportation, Fine Arts, etc...)  (Settings, Fees / Activities, Categories - appropriate access is required)
  • Account Codes:  Whether the district uses TIES Finance or a different finance system, Account Codes must be populated in order to create Activities.
  • Locations: Locations are descriptive only and are optional. (Settings,  Fees / Activities, Locations) 

Create an Activity using the New Activity Form

  1. Login to FeePay Admin.
  2. Select Activities.
  3. Select Create Activity.
  4. Type in an Activity Name. When naming the Activity, it is a good idea to include the school acronym, gender (if applicable) and the year/season in the title.  This will also be the name the parent/payer will see when they log in on the Public side to complete the enrollment.  Example:  EHS Boys Tennis 2015-2016
  5. Type in the Description of the Activity (optional). Note: The Description will be displayed on the Public side if the payer selects the option to view more information for that activity so it is recommended to enter a brief description.
  6. Select Payment Option:  Fixed - fixed dollar amount (generally used for most Activities), Variable - will allow for any dollar amount to be entered on the Public side with a minimum of $0.01 (i.e., donations ), Quantity Selector - will allow the customer to select the quantity and the system will charge accordingly.
  7. Select the Category/Subcategory. Note: The Activity will not save properly if a Category is not selected.
  8. Enter in the Activity Start/End Date - Note: When entering the End Date for a sport, enter the End Date as the last possible date of any state tournament to ensure the student physical is valid all the way through the state tournament. Also, if your district uses the School Year feature, the end date will dictate which school year the activity is displayed in.
  9. Enter in the Signup Start/End Date - NOTE:  The default times are set to 00:00 - which is 12:00am (morning) on that date.
  10. Price - Select 'Add Fee Split' button.
  11. Type in a name for the Fee Split (i.e., Football 2015).
  12. Type in the Activity Fee amounts. Note: You must add a dollar amount into each field for Full, Reduced and Free even if they are the same and/or even if it is a no charge activity (i.e. 0.00 without a dollar sign).
  13. Select an Account Code from the drop-down.
  14. Select Add. Note: The Activity will not save properly if you do not select the Add button to entering the dollar amounts.
  15. Select one Form from the drop-down (optional).
  16. Select Filters tab at the top of the Form.
  17. To limit an activity so it is only be visible on the Public side for certain students, enter the necessary Grade Levels, Homeroom Teachers and/or Schools that includes the student types eligible to enroll or register for this activity. Use the arrows to move the desired item from the left to right side. Note: Only those on the right side in these fields will be able to view or enroll in the activity.
  18. Select Notifications tab at the top of the Form.
  19. Enter in email addresses of those wanting an enrollment Roster emailed.
  20. Select Roster Email Schedule from the drop-down. (Daily or Weekly) can be set to have a roster automatically emailed to a coach or other person. In order to send the email, the person's email address needs to be entered in the Notification Members field. Weekly rosters are sent on Monday mornings. Weekly and daily rosters are sent at about 6AM. The subject line is the name of the activity and the email is sent from
  21. Enter Contact Info (name, phone and email of contact for the Activity).
  22. Select Notification Options (if desired).
  23. Select Advanced tab at the top of the Form.
  24. Select Options (if applicable).
  25. Select Resources (if applicable).
  26. Select the Location (optional).
  27. Type in a Max Enrollment (optional) to limit the number of people that can be enrolled. Note: Zero means there is no max limitation set.
  28. Require Current Physical - If a physical is required, set to Yes and ensure the the number of days or years prior to the end date of the activity for which the physical is considered current including the end date of any state tournaments.
  29. Select Save Actions button.
  30. Select SAVE, SAVE + COPY (saves and create a copy using the same information as the original activity) or SAVE + NEW (saves the current activity and begins creating an activity with a blank form).


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