Price Override Feature

An Administrator now has the ability to set a new price for an activity for specific students using the Price Override. To access the Price Override feature, you will find a Price Override option next to each student’s name within FeePay Admin in the Account Activities tab.  


When the Price Override option is selected, you can view the activity and any price overrides that were created for the student.


Create a new Price Override

1. Select Users to identify the Parent account.

2.  Select the User Details button to the right of the parent name.

3.  Select the Activities tab then select Go.

4.  Select Price Override next to the student's name.

5. Select Add to create a new Price Override for this student and alter the price that the student will be required to pay upon registration.



6. Enter the desired price. You can edit the price on multiple activities at once. Leaving the Amount field blank will not change the activity price for that activity even if you are overriding the price for others.

7. Once you finish making any overrides, select Save.

The person making the payment will now see the new pricing for those activities on FeePay.

Note: If the activity/item is already in their cart, they need to remove it and ensure the price is reflecting the override under the activity before they add it to their cart and complete the checkout.


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