System Message (Meals or Activities)

There is a way to add an additional message to either the Meals or Activities page (or both). This Institution Message can be used to try to remind parents of any important information that you want them to see about Activities or Meals. Some examples are to remind them that they need to locate their student first in the Activities page then select the correct activity listed below their student’s name before choosing Add to Cart or to alert them that the Meal balance will be updated online within a specified time period. This message would automatically appear at the top of either Activities or Meals page for anyone logging into FeePay site. You must have administrative permission to update any data on this page.

Use these steps to add an Institution Message:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select Institution Content. 
  4. Change the Content Location drop-down to read either Activities Message or Meals Message (depending on which page you are creating the message for).
  5. Type the message in the large white text box which will be displayed on the page.
  6. Select Save Content at the bottom.


Sample Institution Message on the FeePay Activities Page



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