Logging Student Violations

Student violations are recorded and a hold placed on a student within the Student's Account details. 

Violation types are customized by the district within FeePay Admin Settings menu (Settings > Fees/Activities > Violations)

Create a Violation on a Student Record

  1. Select User.
  2. Type student name, student ID or parent name in the search box and select Search.
  3. Select the down arrow next to the student's name.
  4. Select the Violations tab.
  5. Set the date the violation occurred.
  6. Select the violation description from the drop-down menu.  (Violation types may be customized within Settings:  Settings -> Fees/Activities -> Violations)
  7. Enter additional comments about the violation if applicable.
    Note: This field is optional.
  8. Set the Disciplinary Start Date and Disciplinary End Date.
  9. Select Create Hold if this violation suspends the student from registering for Activities.
    Note: Holds will automatically clear on the Disciplinary End Date.

  10. Select Save violations.
    Note: Once Save Violations is selected, a check box appears in the Delete column. This allows the Violation to be removed if it was added in error.
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