Adding a Fee to an Individual Student Account

Add a Fee to an individual account/Student ID by following the below steps:

  1. Select Users.
  2. Type name of student or parent in the search box then select Search. Note: Registered Users searches those users who have registered a FeePay account.  District population searches all students being imported from the student information system.
  3. Select User Details next to the desired name.
  4. Select the Fees tab
  5. Select Add Fee
  6.  Complete the Create Fee Transaction form shown below.

    Note: You need to enter a dollar amount into each of the three Full, Reduced and Free fields. Even if the student would pay the same regardless of economic status, you have to enter a dollar amount into all 3 fields. It can be the same amount in all 3 fields as well. Be sure to select an Account Code from the drop-down. You also need to ensure that you are selecting the Add button to the right of the dollar amount fields. The Add button will change to an Edit button to alert you that the amount has been added successfully to the fee you are creating. At the bottom of the screen, you also need to ensure that the correct student is listed in the bottom right box under the heading Attach Accounts. You only need the Allow Partial Payments option to be selected if you are allowing the payer to make multiple payments toward a larger Fee amount. If the new Fee you are creating is to allow a payer to make a one-time payment toward an activity or for another reason, ensure that box is not checked as it does not apply to one-time Fee payments.

  7. (Optional) Select Allow Partial Payment to allow a payment plan.  Indicate a minimum due amount after the Allow Partial Payment check box is selected.
  8. You can now create a Hold on a student in the same step as creating the Fee. Select the box next to Create Hold.

    Note: Once you select Save, the Fee will be assigned and a Hold will be placed on the student. When the parent makes the full payment for that Fee, the system will automatically clear the Hold.

  9. When all of the information is complete, select Save.

    Parents may log in to the public side and pay the student fee(s) by accessing the Activities link and selecting the Fees tab.

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