Customizing the Community Ed Welcome Page

Administrative users who have access to edit System Preferences are able to customize the Community Ed Welcome Page.  Items that should be customized to meet district needs include:

  • Upload district, Community Ed or program logo. (This logo will appear on most email communications from the system, invoices and reports.)
  • Select a primary and secondary color based on the logo colors.  The primary and secondary colors are used in most email communications.
  • Upload district favicon (The favicon appears in all bookmarks or tabs when a user is on the registration site.  Often, this is a simplified version of the logo.)
  • (Optional) Upload a header image to be displayed on the Community Ed Welcome screen in addition to or in place of the logo.  The maximum height of the header/banner is 180px (1x) or 360px (2x/Retina).  There is no size restriction on width, however the main content of the page only expands to 910px.
  • Modify the Program Name.  This name displays on most communications and optionally, on the Community Ed Welcome Page.
  • Modify the Abbreviated Name.  This short name is the 'from' when any administrative user sends text messages from the system.
  • Add social media and District URLs.  When social media links are added a link to that page appears at the bottom of most email communications.  If a social media URL and/or District URL is not added, no link appears.
  • Add Contact detail for each program.
  • Configure styling preferences and Front Page Text within the Online category.  This is the text customers and families see when they first browse to Community Education from the FeePay Landing Page.
  • (Optional) Add or update privacy and other district/school policies.  (Note: Specific Program agreements may be added to the system through System -> Agreements and later attached to course or program offerings.)

Access System Preferences

  1. Log into the district Community Ed Administrative System.
  2. Point to System.
  3. Select System Preferences.
  4. Select the desired Preference category to customize from the left side of the screen.

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