Customize the FeePay Landing Page

The tiles (pictures), tile text and links on the FeePay Landing Page may be customized by anyone who has Administrative access.  In order for a user to have Administrative rights to customize the landing page, a user must exist in the FeePay database. If you already have access to the FeePay Admin site, you do not need to create a new User Profile.

Create a FeePay User Profile

  1. Browse to [district_subdomain]
  2. Select SIGN UP from the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Complete the Register a New Account Form then select CREATE ACCOUNT.
  4. Once a profile exists, email a request for Administrative access to the landing page by emailing Support.  Note: Requests for Administrative access must come from a Director or users must provide proof they have been given permission for Administrative access to customize the district landing page.

Logging into the FeePay Landing Page as an Administrator

Once a user has been notified that they are set up as an Administrator by the Support team, the landing page may be accessed after logging in.

  1. Browse to [district_subdomain]
  2. Select LOG IN from the upper right corner of the screen to log in.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Admin link.  Note:  The Admin link appears only for users with Administrative rights.
  4. Options to edit the page such as changing the logo, tiles, pictures and links should now be visible.
    (Tip: If the yellow CHANGE LOGO button does not appear right away, try refreshing (F5) your browser.)

  5. Point to a tile (picture) to view edit options such as updating the picture, the URL, adding or editing text.
    - the URL for Activities/Fees is http://{DISTRICT}
    - the URL for Meals is http://{DISTRICT}
    - the URL for Community Ed is http://{DISTRICT}
    - Other direct links to a list of Courses may also be added.  (Tip:  Use the copy feature to copy the link from your browser's address bar.)

Additional tips for editing the landing page

  • The system sets the maximum height for the logo to be 120px (240px for @2x retina screens). There is no specific maximum width set in the system, however, the logo will not expand more than the width of the page which on the landing app is currently around 950px.
  • Tiles (pictures) can be rearranged and resized.  The URL button will allow users to direct the links to specific registration pages within the site.
  •  Edit the descriptive text or text color on each tile by clicking on the text. 
  •  Use the Add New Tile button to add a tile. 
  •  Remember to select Save_for_landing_page_12_2014.PNG at the top of the page to save any changes.


TIP:  If your screen does not look similar to the above, please make sure you are using an updated version of Chrome.  If you are currently using an updated version of Chrome, try a browser refresh (F5). 

  • Use the TEXT button on each tile to edit or add text.
  • Use the IMAGE button on each tile to upload a different image file.
  • Use the URL (LINK) button to add a link to the tile.  Activities/Fees, Meals and Community Ed links are quickly added from a drop-down once selecting this link.  Otherwise, direct links to Courses and Program Registrations within the Community Ed module may be pasted in the URL field once this button is selected. 
  • Use the REMOVE button to remove an unwanted tile.
  • Use the CHANGE LOGO button at the top of the screen to upload or change your district logo.


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