Setting up a FeePay Account

Welcome to FeePay! Once a FeePay Account is set up for you and your family, depending on your district, you will be able to access and pay for Activities, Fees, Meals, School Age Child Care plus other Community Education registrations like Enrichment and ECFE Courses. Use the steps below to create an account.


Initial Login and Set-up

  1. Access the district website (this will be [district_subdomain_name] or through the Parent Portal for your district. If necessary, please confirm with your district for the exact website to access
  2. Select signup.PNG in the upper, right corner of the screen.
  3. If you already have a FeePay Account, select login.PNG , enter your email and password and select signin.PNG then skip to step 7.
    If you have not yet created a FeePay Account, select .
  4. If you have not completed a profile for yourself, complete the Register a New Account Form answering the fields for yourself.  Note:  Password requirements are a minimum of 5 characters.  It can include a combination of letters, numbers and/or special characters with the exception of the @ symbol at the end of the password [the @ at the end may not be recognized properly].
  5. Select at the bottom of the form.
  6. Once you have completed the above steps, sign using your new login.
  7. Select the button to add family members. 
  8. When adding a child to the profile, along with their personal information, if the child is enrolled in the school district and you see the links for Activities or Meals in the black menu bar in the upper, left of your screen, you will need to enter a Student ID in order to view their school specific Activities or their Meal account. Be sure to change the option to 'Yes, They Have a Student ID' option then enter the Student ID. If you do not have the Student ID, please contact your school to confirm that information.


    If the enrollment you are completing meets one of the following conditions, you do not have to enter a Student ID in the profile:  1. the student is in Preschool or younger, 2. if Community Education is the only option in your black menu bar or you are completing a Community Education enrollment or 3. if you are registering for a school based activity that has been set up to allow Guests to pay for the activity (i.e. yearbooks, school plays, etc). The default for Student ID is set to 'No, They Do Not Have a Student ID' option.


    If the Student ID matches the student's last name in the system, a confirmation will appear. If it is not validating, please contact your school for assistance.
  9. Once the required information is added to your child's profile, select .
  10. Repeat these steps to add any other children or family members as needed.

If you are registering a student for a sport or other activity that requires a form of some kind, you will be prompted to complete that form before entering a payment. If no form is required, you will be able to add the item to the cart then complete the checkout.

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