How long should it take before a meal payment is visible in my student's account?

The grid below shows the expected time frame for the added funds to be available and usable by the student and also how long before the payment will be reflected online in FeePay. Times will vary depending on which point-of-sale system your district uses. Some systems are real-time while others exchange information overnight. The following table is meant as a guideline only. Please contact the Food Service team at your district for more immediate assistance.

Payment time Available for student use Reflected online in FeePay
Monday-Friday before 10 a.m. Same day before lunch Late evening of same school day
Sunday-Friday after 10 a.m. but before midnight Next day before breakfast Late evening of next scheduled school day
Saturday/Sunday Monday morning Late evening of next scheduled school day
*Non School Days/ Holidays/ Winter Break/ Spring Break Morning of next school day Late evening of next scheduled school day

When payments are sent to the school's point-of-sale system, there can be unexpected delays in this process and processing times are not guaranteed; please plan accordingly. Processing times will vary by district depending on the capabilities of the point-of-sale system. Additionally, the process to refresh student meal account balance information online in FeePay may take time. For some districts, the school computers communicate your child's current meal account balance information once each evening. For example, when payments are made on a weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), payments are normally reflected on the website late Monday evening. This is because the school computers are not active over the weekend so additional time is required to communicate student meal account balances to FeePay. 

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