Managing Low Balance Alerts and AutoPay

To set up and manage your child's low balance email alerts,  please follow these steps:

Log into FeePay and select Meals by choosing the Meals link in the black menu bar on the top or by selecting on the picture tile on the home page. On the Meals page, you should see three grey buttons in the upper middle portion of the screen titled Accounts, Purchase History and Alerts & Autopay. From the Alerts & Autopay, you will be able to create and manage email alerts and AutoPay settings for any account listed. You can change the alert and/or AutoPay level amount by selecting the Edit button. Select the Remove button if you wish to stop receiving alerts or to stop AutoPay.

Note: Before attempting to add an alert, please ensure you have a valid email address in your profile. To confirm the email address in your profile, select on your name in the top right then select Your Account/Relationships. Select Edit to update any information in your profile.

Note: In order to add/create an AutoPay, a stored payment method must exist.  A payment method can be stored when purchasing a Fee, Activity, or making a manual meal payment. 


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