Meal Purchase History

To view your student's meal purchase history, log into FeePay then select Meals (either accessing the Meals link in the black menu bar or clicking on the picture tile on the home screen with the word Meals on it). On this page, you should see three grey buttons in the upper middle portion of the screen titled Accounts, Purchase History and Alerts & Autopay. When you select Purchase History, you will see more detailed information. Any online meal payments made via FeePay will also be visible in this history. You can adjust the date range using the date selection tool (indicated by the red box below). The online data for most districts reflects up to the previous 30 days. In addition, updates to this data may be temporarily suspended over school holiday and summer break,. To get a complete and official record of the student's meal purchase history, please contact the Food Service team at  school directly. The data displayed online in FeePay reflects what has been received from the school's point-of-sale system so the school is your best resource for any additional questions on purchases, additional history and any adjustments or refunds. 


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