How do I register for an activity?

In FeePay, Activities will usually include everything except for Meals and Community Education. This could include registration for athletic programs, student planners, yearbooks, parking permits, transportation fees, prom tickets, clubs, etc.

To register your student for an activity, please log in to FeePay.  On your homepage you will see a link to Activities in the black menu bar across the top of the page and a picture tile with the words Activities on the home screen. You should see a listing of all available activities for which your student(s) are eligible to sign up. If your child has not been added to your profile information and/or you have not included their Student ID number in their information, no activities will be displayed. Select your name in the top right then select Account Profile. Select the Add button to add a child to your profile. Scroll to the bottom and ensure the District ID is set to Yes then enter their Student ID number. Scroll to the bottom and select Save. If you do not have access to the Student ID number, please contact your school to obtain that information. You will also not be able to view an activity if the enrollment period has ended. Please contact your school if any additional questions on why an activity is not visible for your student to register for.

Some activities may require a completed online form before adding to the cart. If you select the yellow Add to Cart button, any required forms will be displayed. Other activities may require a valid physical be on file with the school district before registration is allowed. A red warning message will appear next to these activities and the Add to Cart button will not be displayed. If you believe the school has a physical on file but it has not been updated online, please contact the school to ensure the correct information is being transmitted to FeePay and reflects the most up-to-date physical information. 

Only activities that are in open for registrations will be visible. If you are not seeing the desired activity, please try changing the Show option from the default of 5 to the All setting using the black drop down arrow to see the current list in full. This setting is in the top right corner next to the Show option (circled in red below)


If a form is required for the enrollment, it will appear in a pop-up window when the yellow Add to Cart is select.  Complete the required information and select the Submit button at the bottom of the form. If you have missed any required fields,  you will be prompted with a message and a red notification message will appear next to the missed field.  hint.png Hint: You may need to scroll up on longer forms to see a field that is missing required information.

Once these are corrected select Submit at the bottom of the form. The form answers will be recorded and the activity will be added to your shopping cart. Important Note: You only have the option to print the form before submitting it. The form can not be printed after the checkout so be sure to print before selecting Submit. 



If you believe you have made a mistake or change your mind you about registering for an activity, simply select the Remove on the line with the activity listing or in the cart by selecting on the minus button next to the cart item. 



You may register for multiple activities in one session and pay for all with one checkout. Select the Continue Shopping option to access and enroll in additional activities. Once you are finished, please choose the Checkout button. You can access the checkout any time by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner of the site. 


Enter your payment information. If you wish to store this payment information securely for future use, please select the Yes button shown under the Store For Later Use? option as shown above. When all payment information is entered, select the green Process Payment button. You can view information on the enrollments that have been completed by selecting Activities then Enrollment History at the top. 

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