Entering Authorized Pick-ups for your Child/Children

If your child is enrolled in one of the programs that uses the iPad app for signing in and/or signing out, all of those individuals who will be signing your child in or out will need to be listed as an Authorized Pick-up prior to drop-off or pick-up.

Follow the below steps for adding an individual to your child's list of Authorized Pick-ups.  NOTE:  Any individuals who must be listed as an un-authorized pick-up must be set up by a District Administrative user.  In this case, please contact your District Program contact.

  1. Log in to the Community Ed System.
  2. From the Dashboard, select the tab for the appropriate Program your child is enrolled.
  3. Near the bottom, right side of the screen, select .
  4. Use the button to remove a person from the Authorized Pick-ups list for each child individually (scroll down to view list of Authorized Pick-ups for each child). 
  5. Select to add an Authorized Pick-up.
  6. Select from the list of those listed in your Relationships OR select OTHER.
    NOTE:  For directions on adding a person to your list of Relationships, click here.
  7. If you have selected OTHER, enter the name of the person to be listed as an Authorized Pick-up.  It is a good idea to add a phone number or detail in the Note field next to the Authorized Pick-up name for Site Staff when using the Other option.
  8. Repeat the steps for adding additional Authorized Pick-ups for the child and for additional children on the account.
  9. Select at the bottom of the screen.
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