Uploading Student Data to MDE (Early Education Student)

Users who have been granted access to the MDE website may upload student data.  Click here for directions on requesting access to the MDE website.

There are two ways to submit data to MDE; manual entry or uploading data.  Both options require each student have a MARSS number (Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System identification number). 

Note: The latest data will override any existing data when district, school year, program name, registration date and state student ID combination matches with existing records. This overwrite of an existing record cannot be undone. The manual entry method will show when a record already exists. Please exercise caution when uploading any data.

Follow these instructions for adding Student Data

  1. Browse to the MDE User Login Screen.
  2. To submit data manually for each student directly on the site, select Add Program Registration.

    - or -

    To upload the file from Eleyo Community Ed, select Submit XML Data File.
  3. If Submit XML Data File was selected, browse to the file location on your computer and select Upload File. Click here for directions on generating an XML file from Eleyo Community Ed.

NOTE:  Errors found in the data file will cause the entire file to be rejected.  The error must be fixed in the file prior to resubmitting.

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