Access to MDE for Submitting Early Education Student Reports (EE SR)

Once a user is granted access to the MDE site,  they may log in to upload the required Early Education Student data as an XML file (This file is created by the Eleyo Community Ed system for all enrollments made in a program with the option to "Include Participants in Early Education Student Reporting" set to YES and that also have a MARSS number is attached to each child).  Once access is granted, users may also manually enter the data directly into the MDE database. Please see updated details on the MDE site using the links below.

In order to gain access to the MDE site, you must do the following steps before you can do an upload: 

  1. Submit the signed Superintendent Authorization located as a downloadable Word document on this website

  2. Create an Account on the MDE website Data Submissions page.

 Click here for directions on uploading student data to MDE.

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