Running the Early Education Student State Report

Your Preschool Program and/or ECFE Courses must be set to EE SR status in order to be able to pull the data from this report.  Be sure to review the Important Notes in this article before attempting any uploads.

Click here for directions on setting your Preschool Program to EE SR status

Click here for directions on setting your ECFE Courses to EE SR status


Use the following steps to run the EE Student Report Export:

  1. Select Reports.
  2. Select Reports again.
  3. Select Early Education Student Export.
  4. Verify the District Number and select the School Year, ECFE Season and/or the Program(s).
  5. Select at the bottom of the screen.
  6. When the report is finished processing, select View Results
  7. Save the ZIP file on your computer. 
  8. Continue with the Important Notes below.


This exported report creates a ZIP file that contains two files: a CSV (comma separated value file that can be opened with Excel) and an XML file.  Double-click to open the ZIP file to view both files.

Important Notes to review before attempting any uploads:

The CSV file is for you to open up and view the results.  It is not the file used for the upload. It is recommended that you first review this CSV file and add any missing date by modifying individual enrollments (ECFE -> Enrollments) or adding missing data to the individual people record for the child (Contacts -> People) before uploading the XML file to MDE. When you view the file, the first column will show whether each record has enough information to be successfully processed.  The second column contains any reason why that specific record is not valid.  Missing MARSS IDs or missing funding types on the enrollment are reasons why a record might be invalid.  Click here to view information on how the validation is done

After any missing information is added, you will need to re-create the report starting with Step 1 in this article. This will create 2 new files (CSV and XML) with the updated information. You will use the updated XML only to upload it to the state.

The XML file contains all of the valid records in the specification provided by MDE.  This is the file to be uploaded to the MDE state website. Click here for directions on uploading the file.

You can view information about how to login to MDE's EE Student and navigate around that system at this link to the MDE site:

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