Creating or Modifying Child Care Site Sections for EE SR

To create Site Sections under the Child Care module that are compatible with Early Education Student Reporting (EE SR), first verify that your Child Care Program is in ECFE/SR mode by selecting Child Care then Programs. Select the desired program and select Modify. Ensure the ECFE option displayed below is set for Yes and Save.


When creating or updating a Site, the page will present a toggle on whether to include that specific Site Section in the reporting.  When that option is set to Yes, the page will include a required drop-down to select the Program name:


Once these steps have been completed, during registrations on both the Admin side of the system and online, the sections will include additional questions to fulfill the requirements of an Early Education Student Registration.  Included in those option on the Admin form is a drop-down for Funding source.Use the Select Multiple button to add multiple funding sources. Note: By default, all online enrollments will be a single funding source of Parent Fee.

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