Destiny Library Manager - Fees/Fines Integration


FeePay™ is capable of integrating with Destiny Library Manager by Follett Software®.


How does it work?

On a daily basis, FeePay will upload unpaid fines into the Fees module.  These fees show up for parent through the Activities -> Fees module (ref. below).  On the Destiny side, email notifications can be customized to notify parents of past due books, and can reference the FeePay Activities/Fee module to make payments.  Please refer to Destiny Support to implement email notifications.



Once a parent pays a fee that originated from Destiny, the payment is sent back to Destiny (overnight) and is marked 'paid' in that system.  FeePay reports can be run ad hoc that will list paid fees.  Similar reports may be able to be generated on the Destiny side to list paid fees received from FeePay overnight.

All communication between FeePay and Destiny is handled via file transfers.  FeePay is able to associate a single budget code for all library fines that run through this module.  Please note:  we are unable to support multiple budget codes for this process.

Prior to activating this process, the FeePay team strongly suggests that the district review all current fees/fines with Destiny.  In our experience, some districts have found that there are several older fees/fines within Destiny that need to be cleaned up prior to publishing these fees into FeePay.


At a high level, here is an overview of the architecture of the process:



The Integration Agent (“agent”) software is installed on a school district server. The Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 framework is required to run this process. This is a free download from The agent is scheduled to run on a daily basis using a Windows Scheduled Task.

The agent pulls a daily file from the FeePay™ payment platform via web services and saves the file to a specified folder on the school district server. The file location is specified in the configuration file of the agent. If the agent encounters an issue while executing, a notification is sent to the application team who monitors this process.

Setting up the FeePay Integration Agent for Destiny

In the FeePay.Integration.Agents.Destiny.exe.config please be sure file paths are all correct and any folder paths must end in a \

Add your FeePayInstitutionKey and FeePayIntegrationAgentKey in the appSettings section - to find these support will need to be contacted

In the Destiny folder there are 3 files:

config.txt - stores the destinyLogin and destinyPassword to be used when logging into destiny programmatically

DestinyExport.bat - this file may need modifications to point at the right sections of the destiny server

pushd F:\FSC-Destiny\fsc\bin - moves the command to this directory (this is a sample; your file will using pathing on your server)
exportfines <configfile> <FileLocation> - command to export fines into XML file, the second parameter should match DestinyFinesExportFilename in the appSettings of the FeePay.Integration.Agents.Destiny.exe.config file

DestinyImport.bat - gets executed to send the paid fees file into destiny

pushd F:\FSC-Destiny\fsc\bin -moves the command to this directory
importfines <config file> <FileLocation>
FileLocation - Matches a combination of the following from FeePay.Integration.Agents.Destiny.exe.config

FeePayDownloadFilePath + FeePayDownloadFileNameTemplate: 

Eg: C:\FeePay.Integration.Agents.Destiny\Download\{FeePayInstitutionKey}_fees_outbound_{yyyyMMdd}.txt

or C:\FeePay.Integration.Agents.Destiny\Download\00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_fees_outbound_20120329.txt

Setting up Scheduled Tasks Requires Command Line Switches:

/EXPORT – export fines from destiny to feepay
/IMPORT – import paid fines to destiny

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