Adding a New Type of Activity or Fee

As your district uses FeePay for activities, you will find more fee types to offer online.  We can help with that!  Below are just a few of the types of items districts create in FeePay Admin so that families may register and/or pay online:

  • Commencement Fees
  • Parking Permits
  • Transportation Fees
  • Elementary and Secondary Field Trips
  • iPad/Chromebook Insurance
  • Library Fees
  • Lost Uniform/Equipment Fees
  • Advanced Placement Exams
  • Middle School and High School Activities
  • Clubs
  • School Start-up Fees such as snacks, kindergarten mats and supplies
  • And more!

As departments within your district find more items to make available online, someone in your district will need to be responsible for adding these items to the system.  When possible, a FeePay Admin Fees & Activities User in the Business Office who can help create and manage the set-up of each new Fee or Activity is recommended.  Alternately, designating one user in each building, such as a building secretary, as the FeePay Admin Fees & Activities User is also a possibility.  

TIP:  One way to ensure quality and consistency in what types of Activities are created is in designating one or more admin users who will be responsible for adding new Activities for all users in your district.  These users would have access to the FeePay Admin software to set up new Activities in the system.  One way to do this without causing too much extra work for these admins is to use an Activities Upload file (in the form of a CSV file).  Staff can enter the details for their new Activity into the CSV file (using the required Activities Upload format), share this file with the FeePay Admin user who has access to upload Activities so that they may review and upload the file directly into FeePay Admin, bypassing the 'Add New Activity' Form.

Below are links to giving new Admin User rights to the system as well as a checklist of items to consider when creating a new type of Activity or Fee.

Gaining FeePay Admin Access

Creating a new Admin User may be set up two separate ways, depending on whether or not your district uses the TOAS system (TIES Online Access Security).  Districts using TOAS may have an Administrator in the district add the FeePay Admin access to your already existing TIES login.  Click here for directions on setting up the access in TOAS. 

If your district does not use the TIES Security, an Administrator in your district may add other Administrators and Fee Managers to the system.  Click here for directions on adding an Administrator or a Fee Manager to FeePay Admin.

Checklist before setting up a Fee or Activity

  • Will this item be set up as a Fee or as an Activity?  Do you know exactly which students you need to assign the fee (Fee)?  Or, will you make this available to all students in a specific grade or school (Activity)?
  • If this item will be set up as a Fee, the following details are required:  fee name, amount, revenue account code to assign fee, due date, Student ID & Name. There is a link to more information on this below. 
  • If this item will be set up as an Activity, you will need the Activity Name as it should appear online, the grades and/or schools students who will be eligible for registering/signing up to attend, revenue account code, date of activity (start and end), online registration/sign-up start and end date, email address of any users who should be notified of registrations daily or weekly, Contact name, phone number and email for the Activity, Category for the Activity, Resources (optional) and Forms (optional) created. There is a link to more information on this below.
  • Has the Account Code for the new Activity or Fee been added to FeePay Admin?  (TIES Finance Districts must add through TIES Finance.  Otherwise, an Administrator may add through the Settings tab in FeePay Admin.)
  • Has an appropriate Category for the Activity been added to (or already exist in) FeePay Admin? 
  • Have any electronic Forms needed for the Activity been created? 

Creating New Fees and Activities

Click here for directions on creating a new Activity.

Click here for directions on creating individual student Fees within FeePay Admin.

Click here for directions on uploading Fees for multiple students at once from an Excel CSV file.



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