Generating a Fee Report

To generate a report of Fees (Paid, Unpaid or All), follow these steps:

  1. Select Reports
  2. Select Fees & Activity Reports.
  3. Select the Date Type drop-down to create the report based on Transaction Date, Deposit Date or School Year.
  4. Enter the desired report date range.
  5. Select Student Fees Report
  6. Select the desired Fee Status to view (Paid, Unpaid or All)
  7. Select Payment Channel for where the payment was made (Web, Admin or All)
  8. If you are looking for only a specific Fee, enter a name in the text box. If left blank, the report will have all possibly fees that reflect the Status and Payment Channel that was requested.
  9. Select the icon for the format you wish to download (PDF or csv file) the Student Fees Report. Note: You must use Google Chrome as your browser to download the csv file type.
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