Creating Resources for an Activity

When creating an Activity in FeePay Admin, you are able to attach Resources to that activity. Examples of a Resource can include a link to a PDF form that currently exists on the district's website, an online form that exists on an external website or a link to a Google document with public access. You need to create the Resource in FeePay Admin first then that Resource is included as part of the set up of the Activity. Activities can have an unlimited number of Resources attached. Note: Any links need to be created by your district and/or access to the required hyperlink is needed first in order to include them as part of the Resource in FeePay Admin.

To create a Resource, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Settings from the toolbar at the top of your page.

  2. Select Show Advanced in the top right corner.

  3. Select Resources from the Payment Setup column.

  4. Select Add Resource in the top right.

  5. Complete the Resource Information form:
    -The Resource Name is what you will select from the drop-down list when you are setting up the Activity.
    -The Resource Display Name is what parent will see on the Public side. Note: It can be helpful to direct the parent to click to view the Resource details.
    -The Description is also what the parents will see on the Public side.
    -The URL is the link to the resource itself (i.e. website, PDF, etc).
    Note: There is a field that is no longer in use called Post Form Data? that is no longer supported. It remains in the FeePay Admin site for legacy purposes only.

  6. Select Save

On the Public side, when the Resource is attached to the Activity, there will be a folder icon displayed.


On the Public side, when that folder icon is selected, a new dialog box opens. Any links or other details that were included in the Resource will be displayed in that new dialog box. Any text that was created in the Description field of the Activity will be also displayed at the top. Unlike a form, a Resource will be available after the enrollment is completed by locating the enrollment under Enrollment History and selecting on the folder icon there.

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