SchoolView Setup

If your district uses FeePay in conjunction with TIES SchoolView, you will need to activate FeePay within TSIS. There are three possible modules that can be activated from within TSIS. These settings are found and controlled on the SchoolView Publishing Rights screen (or SY260). To activate any module, please be sure to first activate the global FeePay publishing right at the district level.

  • To activate Meals, by school, simply include the school number and change the access rights to the FeePay – Meals module.
  • To activate Activities (district level only) simply change the access rights to the FeePay – Activities module.
  • To activate Fees (district level only) simply change the access rights to the FeePay – Fees module.
hint.pngPlease note the following:
  • Activation settings are synchronized nightly. Please be sure to enable these settings one (1) day in advance.
  • FeePay is only offered to Parent and Contact types and is not available for the Student role.  Parent is Head of house one or two and may have an account - username is shown on CE010.  Contacts are users who have a ST015 record - username is show on ST015.






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