TIES Finance Integration

Setting up TIES Finance System for FeePay integration

Finance Integration – FeePay™ will automatically integrate with your TIES' Finance system if you choose to enable this module. To activate this module, some setup is required in the TIES Finance system on screen FPSCI.

This screen is used for two purposes:

  1. Define the account codes that you wish to have available in FeePay.
  2. Creates the default information on the Cash Receipts (CRPAY) screen in TIES Finance for the FeePay cash receipts.

Enter the valid general ledger account number you wish to add to the screen, define either a specific location code or enter 000 if you do not want the cash receipts lines to be itemized by location. For each account code, you need to also enter a Location (Food Service) code, you can either enter a specific school number or use 000. If you want the cash receipts to create with detail lines broken down by school location then enter a school code. If you do not need that granular of information then enter 000. If you are using the same account code for multiple locations and would like the cash receipt to create with one line per school then you would want to add the school number. You can have the same account code create multiple times with different school numbers.

Enter an account title (this title will be viewable in FeePay). Defining an activity or entering comments is optional information.

The default section of the screen is what the integration function between FeePay and TIES Finance will use when automatically creating the Cash Receipt (CRPAY). For each account code and location you will need to define the defaults for the cash receipt.

  1. Area - Location within the district responsible for transaction deposits. Set up on the Areas (PUARE).
  2. Bank - Select bank that is associated with the FeePay deposits received by Merchant Account
  3. Cash Receipt Type – Used to distinguish these receipts from the general day-to-day receipts
    1. Receipt Types (CRTYP) Screen – Set up receipt types to be used in cash receipts
    2. Cash Receipts by Type (CRACTIVITY) Report allows you to run a report on “type”
    3. Cash Receipts Register (CASHRECREG) Report – allows you to run report on “type”
  4. Method of Payment (MOP) - Based on the FeePay transaction type: MV=MasterCard/VISA, DC=Discover Card, AC-ACH (checking/savings), and EP=Electronic Payment
  5. Description - What is created here is what will display in the general ledger
  6. Offset - Cash account code
  7. Payor/Received From - Display on Receipt Details (CRINQ) and Cash Receipts Search (CRSCH) screens
  8. Default Operator/Authorization Code - Use to distinguish FeePay cash receipts from the day-to-day cash receipts
    1. Needs to be create on the Authorization Code (AUTH) screen
    2. Can run Cash Receipt Edit (CREDIT) reports for specific code(s) for review and posting


The accounts codes set up on FPSCI will be loaded and available to use in FeePay, normally within 30 minutes or less.

The cash receipts are created in the Finance application based on the deposit date. Typically the deposit date is two or three days past the pay date. So, if you are not seeing cash receipts in Finance that you believe should be there, it could be just the timing of this.

Cash receipts are auto created from Fee Pay twice a day Monday through Friday. Typically around 6:30 a.m. and then again about 7:30 p.m. CST.

An easy way to see if receipts have been created is to use the CRINQ screen. Leave the next date, next receipt, and operator fields blank, but check the box for non updated receipts only. This will list for you any receipts in the system that have been created or entered, but not updated via CREDIT.

If you feel there should be receipts created in Finance that aren't appearing, or if you have any questions regarding FeePay please email support@feepay.com.

For more information on the bank reconciliation process, please see this article.


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