Report Descriptions

Report Descriptions

There are three formats in which you can run the reports: HTML is best for reports that have drill through features; PDF is best for printing; XLS is best for reconciliation. To run reports, verify that your pop-up blocker is not on.

Transaction Based Reporting

  • Transaction Date Summary, by Institution: This report shows total transactions volumes, for all payment types, by day. This should match your Central Office Collections Report for the same queried date range.
  • Transaction Date Summary, by Site: A more detailed version of the above report, this report shows the totals due to each site (school), by day.
  • Transaction History Details, by Transaction Date: Each transaction that a parent makes on the website populates to this report in real time. It shows detail such as the site (school) the transaction applies to, student ID, and estimated bank deposit date.

Bank Deposit Based Reporting

  • Transaction History Details, by Deposit Date: This report provides transaction detail on each deposit that you receive in your bank account.
  • Estimated Deposit Dates by Institution: A summary version of the above report, this report projects when (according to standard time frames), we expect your bank to post the funds that we release.
  • Estimated Deposit Dates by Site: This report is the site (school) detail version of the above report.
  • Net Deposit by Payment Type: Although this report is in the deposit date section, districts/schools can use this report based on transaction date. You can use this report to find out when a specified group of transactions (based on transaction date) will be deposited into your bank account.

Parent, Service-Oriented, and Miscellaneous Reporting

  • Returned ACH Report: This report shows Echeck and Savings account transactions that the user’s bank returned to us. This means that they will not deposit to the bank, and they are backed out of transaction history details as well as the student’s account. Common reasons for this are: insufficient funds or invalid account number.
  • Rejected Transactions: When a parent submits payment on the website, the transaction needs to be approved by the appropriate network. Occasionally, a data entry error or low balance on the person’s credit card can cause an error or decline. This information is communicated back to the parent in real time, with tips on how to run a successful transaction. The transactions that show in this report are never completed or posted to a child’s account, since they are not approved transactions.
  • New Users by Day: For the given date range, this report provides a pie graph and lists the number of new registered users on MyPaymentsPlus, by day. It also totals the days for the given date range and provides calculates the average number of new users per day.
  • Pending ACH Transactions: Echeck and Savings Account transactions are approved in real time and show on your transaction detail reports. They are pending in this report until the parent’s bank releases or returns the funds. This often happens within 5 business days.
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