Setting Up a Student Max for Activities

The Student Max feature is designed for districts that want to have a limit or cap on the total a student must pay for Activities per school year. Because the maximum is defined on a school year, implementing the School Year in FeePay Admin is required in order to use the Student Max feature. For more information on defining the School Year, see school year instructions here.

You can set up multiple Student Max amounts per school year. For example, your district can have one max for middle school co-curricular payments and a max of a different amount for co-curriculars in the high school. The desired Student Max would then be set in the correct field of the Activity that it needs to be applied to. Currently, there is only a Student Max option; there is not a Family Max.

Note: Once a Student Max has been activated during a school year, it cannot be changed.  This ensures that previous payments and discounts on activities against the Student Max will hold to that max. 


To set up the Student Max, follow these steps:

  1. If it is not already set up, email Support that your district would like to use the Student Max feature. The FeePay Support team will activate this feature in your district's settings. Once the Student Max has been enabled, any district User with Administrator access can create a Student Max. 
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Fees / Activities
  4. Select Student Max
  5. Select Create Student Max. 
  6. Type in a name for the Student Max. (NOTE: it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to include school year in the name!)
  7. Select the school year from the drop-down that this Student Max will apply to.
  8. Type in an amount for the Student Max
  9. Select Create.



You are now ready to apply the Student Max to selected Activities. You can do this through the Activity Upload feature or by selecting the Student Max from the drop-down menu when you add or edit an Activity. 

Note: Every Activity that you want to be calculated as contributing to the Student Max must be set up with that specific Student Max or it will not calculate properly.  Please be sure to double check that the Student Max is set for each activity before opening the enrollment.


Student Max Reporting

There are 2 reports related to Student Max. The Student Max Details Report will show which students have received discounts and/or free activities due to the Student Max being reached. This report can be filtered by school or activity. The Student Max Status Report will show the current amount paid by all students who have enrolled in any activity and if they have reached the Student Max.

  1. Select Reports
  2. Select Fee & Activities Reports
  3. Select the desired Student Max report.
  4. Select Run Report to download the file with the data.


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